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So you plan to make a flyer to promote some of your inventoried products. What 
should you consider?

Are you going to mail it to a
 customer list? Will it be
 posted on telephone  poles
 and SuperMarket bulletin boards?

Will you need a real snappy
headline.. and descriptive
features of your products?

Will your products benefit 
a buyer or save her $$?

Here's a product flyer that should give you some clues

What caught your eye first?
Was it the header?
How about the images?
Could it have been the colors?

Probably all of these. Can you picture it without color?
Color is everywhere...in the header, the pictures and the text.

(After the initial set up cost, their colorful letter sized paper flyers cost only 29 each.)



This is a sample Product Flyer. It was created
using Image Editing software

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